Collaborative film-making


Laise Rheini GS 1

Down with boring reports!

A video resource can be a valuable complement to the normal written report of interviews and focus groups and can greatly support the dissemination of the lessons learned.  A well-focused 5-minute film can provide broad and vital information to service providers and commissioners via the direct, unmediated, voices and perspectives of the people who participate in your project or programmes.

It’s vitally important to include service users in the evaluation of projects. However, for many reasons, it’s often a challenge to do so properly.  We believe that using a participatory video approach to evaluation offers a unique and powerful way for groups and individuals to express themselves directly about their experiences to professional bodies and the wider community.

We can:

  • Produce unique feedback through film co-created by participants that will provide a rich set of qualitative data that complements other data produced.
  • Produce a short evaluative film which can make your reporting more accessible to a wider range of people. Evaluative film can be used to report to funders, to promote your project or service, or as a training resource.
  • Train your team in basic filming and editing and how to maintain an interesting and effective body of evidence for your project.
  • Assist service users to express how they view the distance that they have travelled during the timescale of their participation, to find their voice and take ownership of their role within the project.
  • Help participants to use digital media as a route to meaningful dialogue, to consult on ideas and work towards co-producing the evaluative reports and future project activities.

Our partner community film company is Curious Ostrich Productions.

If you would like to view some of their work click HERE or HERE