Confluence Haverfordwest


I had such a good time working with the wonderful Confluence project over the last four years.
Confluence, one of seven projects across Wales, was supported through the Arts Council of Wales strategic initiative Ideas: People: Places

The overall aims of the initiative were:

  • To embed the arts in a genuine and meaningful way in a small number of imaginative, ambitious and innovative regeneration projects.
  • To¬†explore new ways of working that generate cross sector collaboration, test new ideas and partnerships and inspire communities to re-imagine their environment in a creative and empowered way.
  • To test new models of regeneration and collaboration through the arts.
  • To champion quality in both the design and the execution of projects.

Whilst there are many. well known, examples of the arts contributing to regeneration in cities much less is known about the contribution they can make in small towns.

Through an experimental programme called the Lab, linked to a series of artist commissions, the Confluence project aimed to develop a model for arts led regeneration in small towns in Wales.

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