Service Evaluation

An evaluative framework, which is embedded within your way of working, will bring a discipline and vigour to your project’s approach to performance management.

We can help you to develop a range of innovative methods for gathering the information needed and which is appropriate to your target audience.  These methods could include film and other digital media platforms, action research, creative and artistic events, stakeholder workshops.  Agreed plans are reviewed as the project progresses and adjustments made if necessary.

First steps workshop - The typical first step in developing an evaluative framework is to convene a one-day workshop event (5 hours approximately plus breaks) with key stakeholders.  The overall aim of the first workshop to ‘deconstruct’ existing project plans or a draft funding application in order to:

  1. Consider the desired outcomes of the project, what they will look like if and when achieved – what will success look like?
  2. Identify a set of performance measures in relation to these outcomes.
  3. Consider evidence you already have that informs the establishment of a baseline for these measures.
  4. Agree how to gather additional evidence, who will do what and by when.
  5. Consider what your Project Report Card, paper or web based, might look like.
  6. Consider how you will report on progress to all stakeholders.
  7. Confirm next steps.


Evaluation of your service, project or programme

Service providers need to be able to provide evidence of their efficiency and effectiveness.  They also want to know what is going well and what needs to be improved upon.   We offer a flexible and bespoke service that can support any stage of your monitoring and evaluation cycle.

Formative evaluation – if you’re planning a new project we can help you to develop and plan the project’s components,  test out your approach to see if it is relevant to the needs of future users.  We can also help to establish a robust and user-friendly monitoring and evaluation system.

Process evaluation – if you are already up and running we can help you to get a picture of how well you’re doing,  what’s working and what isn’t and how you can improve what you do.

Impact/outcome evaluation – if you want to know what difference your project or service made to users we can help by focusing on the outcomes for your users.  We can undertake surveys or interviews and we can provide reports in a range of formats.

You may want to consider a short evaluative film which can make your reporting more accessible to a wider range of people.   Evaluative film can be used to report to funders,  to promote your project or service,  or as a training resource.

Our partner community film company is Curious Ostrich Productions.

If you would like to view some of their work click HERE or HERE